What Is a Staffing Company?

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What Is a Staffing Company?

IT staffing company helps SMBs locate the trained, credentialed information technology professionals they need to handle all of their in-house IT-related needs without the costs of hiring an employee.

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Small and medium businesses (SMBs) have many advantages that larger organizations do not. They’re more agile, more adaptable, and able to run leaner. However, they also suffer from some disadvantages. One of the most problematic is the inability to hire in-house IT staff because of a lack of capital.

Thankfully, an IT staffing company can offer solutions to foster stability and growth. What is a staffing company for IT needs, and what should you look for when choosing such a partner? This guide helps decision-makers and business owners understand their options and confidently chart a course forward.

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What Is a Staffing Company?

Staffing companies have been around for a long time. They exist to help businesses locate the talent they need for specific roles within the organization. However, while there are many examples of general staffing providers, specialized organizations offer access to professionals with particular skills and capabilities. For instance, an IT staffing company can help SMBs locate the trained, credentialed information technology professionals they need to handle all of their in-house IT-related needs without the costs of hiring an employee.

However, staff augmentation can also mean helping you fill in gaps on an existing IT team by providing access to trained, credentialed professionals with specific skills, experience, and knowledge. This may be for a limited duration, such as when you need to complete a large project or for a longer-term.

IT staff augmentation team

What Are the Benefits of Working with an IT Staffing Company?

It’s easy to see some of the benefits available by working with a staff augmentation company. However, some may not be immediately visible. We’ll break it all down below:

1. Ability to Compete

One of the often-overlooked benefits of working with a staffing company is the ability to compete with much larger businesses. An SMB can outsource all of their IT needs for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house team, enabling the company to go toe to toe with much larger firms.

2. Saving Time and Money

Hiring is costly and time-consuming. Business owners and decision-makers bogged down in the recruiting, vetting, interviewing, and onboarding processes find that their attention is taken away from mission-critical activities and responsibilities. With an IT staffing company, you save time and money while being able to focus on what you do best.

IT staff augmentation helps save time and money

3. Scale Your Business Faster

If left to the natural course of events, how long would it take to build your business to the point that you could afford to hire an in-house IT team? For most companies, it’s a very long time. Staffing companies give you the means to rapidly scale your business, offering a much shorter route to profitability and growth.

4. Access to the Right Candidates

IT staff augmentation talent selection

How many IT experts could you identify during the recruiting process? The chances are good that you cannot cast a wide enough net to give you access to many highly-qualified candidates. Working with an IT staff augmentation company guarantees that you can connect with highly-trained, credentialed information technology experts. It takes the uncertainty out of hiring and ensures that you can access critical IT knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

5. Close the Skills Gap

For many SMBs, there is a significant and growing skills gap being fostered by the ever-accelerating evolution of technology. Closing that gap can be incredibly challenging. However, working with an IT staffing company can help you deal with the disruptive forces now shaping the world. Closing that gap not only offers an improved ability to compete in the market, but also helps future-proof your organization by ensuring that you always have access to talent with up to date skills.

IT staff augmentation close skills gap

6. On-Demand Hiring

As mentioned previously, SMBs are generally more agile than larger companies. Working with a staffing company can enhance that innate ability by providing you with the opportunity to hire on-demand. Simply put, this allows you to scale your IT team as necessary, when necessary, quickly, and without any hassle or fuss. You can add talent resources for only as long as needed, then scale back down.

How to Choose the Right IT Staffing Company

With a better understanding of the benefits offered by working with an IT staffing company, we must now turn our attention to the next big question: how do you choose the right partner? For many SMBs, this is a tricky question to answer.

1. Available Talent

First and foremost, it is critical to ensure that the staffing company has the talent you need. During your initial consultation, clarify your needs and goals, and then ask if the company has the talent to help you meet those requirements.

2. Phase

Make sure that the company you choose can step in when and where you need them. For instance, are you in the middle of initiation and development? Are you already in the prototyping phase? Have you already launched? The right staffing company will be able to seamlessly integrate with your existing team and hit the ground running no matter where you’re at in the development timeline.

3. Ability to Address Immediate Needs

Outsourcing through an IT staffing company should mean having access to the right talent at the right time. For instance, do you need to scale your entire business quickly? If so, you’ll have drastically different requirements than an SMB that needs to jump-start a single project.

4. Long-Term Partnerships

While some SMBs may only need a little extra help for specific projects, you may need access to talent over the long-term. Ensure that the company you choose offers long-term partnerships to ensure you always have access to the talent you need for whatever projects might arise.

5. A Full Team at Your Disposal

IT staff augmentation people talent

Finally, many small businesses need to build an entire IT team, rather than augmenting an existing one. Make sure that the company you choose offers the ability to do just that by supplying you with best-in-class talent that suits whatever IT needs you might have, from cybersecurity and network management to website development, and everything in between.

Accelerating Your Growth and Success

At Softrizon, we believe in providing our partners with access to best-in-class talent and ensuring they can scale their teams quickly, without fuss or hassle. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your no-cost consultation. Building a robust, experienced IT team doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take time away from mission-critical tasks. We help you build the team you need for growth and success.

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