The Right Outsourcing Partner

Communication, expertise, and vision – these are just some of the qualities vital in an outsourcing partner. However, connecting those dots can be challenging. We can help.

Outsourcing Partners: 7 Keys to Making an Informed Decision

If you’ve never taken on a partner to help you make better use of technology, you might be a little uncertain about how to make the best decision on moving forward. Here are some elements to consider and characteristics to look for that support a successful relationship:

1A partner that listens and understands you

Excellent communication is the foundation for a successful relationship, and listening is an underrated part of good communication. Your technology partner should be interested in learning about your company, your business environment, your customers or audience, and more. They should be motivated to understand the full context that defines your needs and goals.

2Domain expertise

You should insist on specialized talents to manage your mission-critical technology projects. An expert in the specific technology domain that’s relevant to your project can more effectively contribute to your company’s unique demands. Look for a technology partner that blends solid fundamentals with domain expertise that contributes knowledge leadership to your project.

3Protection for your ideas

Your partner should value all your ideas and initiate the controls necessary to ensure that all your privileged information stays in the system. You own your ideas; in fact, they may be the most valuable element of your company, and a good technology partner should be willing to protect them from unauthorized exposure.

4A comprehensive road map for success

For software and app projects, you should come away from early discussions with an understanding of how each part of the development process is defined. This includes defining feature sets, deciding on platforms, and ensuring the finished product can ship within the required schedule. Not everything should be set in stone – there should be room to react to challenges and make adjustments along the way – but you should be presented with a clear road map that shows the journey and the destination.

5Suitable fit for scale, cost, and schedule

A good solution is not only one that hits your benchmarks for performance but must also meet your needs for scale, cost, and schedule. Insufficient scale, runaway costs, or an overdue deployment can result in a solution that’s worse than the original challenge. Make sure your IT partner can deliver a finished product or service that meets your precise needs.

6Agile-style process

Agile development is iterative and creates a consistent, frequent schedule of releases for working software and app builds. Agile development is also a mature and proven process. Its benefits include progress that is measured on a predefined period, the opportunity to deliver continuous feedback, and an enhanced ability to anticipate and overcome procedural roadblocks if any.

7A partner that will stick around

Product launch is not the end of your journey; in many ways, it’s just the beginning. Your partner should understand this and be available after launch to fix any problems, make necessary adjustments, and provide support and maintenance 24/7. A consulting partner should remain in touch with your team to provide any follow-up support needed to make the project a complete success.

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