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– Steve Jobs

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By: Clivens Petit Sep 07, 2021
Interviewing Software Engineers? Here’s Why You Need to Include Ops Questions Every Time!

Traditionally, software engineers and operations engineers served two distinct roles within an organization, but no one works in a vacuum.

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By: Clivens Petit Sep 06, 2021
The True Costs of Maintaining an In-House IT Team

Many believe IT staffing services are more expensive than hiring in-house. In fact, each employee may cost you almost twice their annual salary.

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Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

If you’ve never taken on a partner to help you make better use of technology, you might be a little uncertain about how to make the best decision on moving forward. Here are some elements to consider and characteristics to look for that support a successful relationship:

  • 1 A partner that listens and understands you
  • 2 Domain expertise
  • 3 Protection for your ideas
  • 4 A comprehensive road map for success
  • 5 Suitable fit for scale, cost, and Schedule
  • 6 Agile-style process
  • 7 A partner that will stick around
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