Matching the ideal development methodology to your project is the foundation of success. Softrizon has teams and developers experienced in the full range of modern development methodologies.


Communication, transparency, and efficiency for process optimization

Kanban (from Japanese: “visual signal”) is a popular development framework that’s deployed within an Agile methodology. It’s a methodology that was originally taken from production planning, so it’s mature and well-studied. Progress and milestones are closely tracked via visual management tools that simplify scheduling and tracking. Transparency throughout the process is supported, and customers are actively engaged for feedback.

Kanban is another tool in the Softrizon team’s arsenal of effective development methodologies. Suitable projects enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simplified benchmarking via visual metrics streamlines progress tracking
  • Customer engagement supports improved satisfaction
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Continuous delivery, fixes, adjustments, and updating
Kanban Methodology

Kanban is not ideal for every project, so it’s important to consider your individual needs. Softrizon has practical experience with Kanban and the full range of Agile variations – contact us to discuss your project and learn more about how we can help match the perfect methodology for the results you want.


Teams working together to deliver continuous improvement

As the name suggests, Scrum is a team-focused development methodology that is part of the Agile family of frameworks. Development teams working on different elements of a project are encouraged to support each other, collaborate, and share talents and feedback at all stages of the process. Meetings, tools, and roles are all deployed to help teams manage workloads.

Scrum Methodology

Softrizon has specialized expertise using the Scrum methodology to power outstanding results for our customers. Benefits of this methodology include:

  • Highly structured format that is ideal for delivering on time and within budget
  • Collaboration and tracking support higher productivity and better results
  • Continuous customer feedback allows rapid changes that amplify satisfaction
  • Complex projects can be more efficiently managed

Scrum can be a superb development methodology when it’s matched to the right project. At Softrizon, we’re excited to support successful outcomes for our customers. Let us know some details about your project, and we can discuss Scrum, Agile, and other solutions to transform it into a reality.


Close collaboration, faster and more customer-focused results

Agile has emerged as one of the industry’s most popular and acclaimed methodologies since its official debut in 2001. Agile is based on an iterative, team-based approach to development that emphasizes a phased approach of “sprints” that prioritizes and ensures rapid completion of deliverables. Work is continuously reviewed and assessed by both the project team and the customer.

The Softrizon development team has combined years of experience developing projects within the Agile methodology, which delivers several key benefits:

  • Ideal stakeholder engagement and transparency for improved user-focus, feedback, and satisfaction
  • Faster time-to-market, with a more predictable delivery schedule
  • Ability to integrate changes on-the-fly
  • Organization into manageable units improves the quality of results
Agile Methodology

Agile is an extremely powerful tool for software development. Softrizon has specialized Agile expertise, and our team is able to achieve exceptional results in delivering a superior product to our customers. Let us know more about your project, and we can discuss whether Agile is the ideal methodology to deliver the best results.


Bringing together Agile with enhanced collaboration and automation

DevOps is a team-focused methodology that removes development silos and encourages collaboration that is fully aligned, cooperative, and streamlined. DevOps is an extension of the Lean/Agile mindset with certain enhancements: automated processes save time and resources, iterative workflow increases the pace of deployment, feedback allows continuous improvement, and collaboration ties everything together.

At Softrizon, we are experienced with using DevOps methodology to support successful projects for our customers. The benefits of a DevOps development process include:

  • Ideal stakeholder engagement and transparency for improved user-focus, feedback, and satisfaction
  • Integration of continuous customer feedback supports higher satisfaction
  • Errors and necessary improvements can be identified rapidly
  • Improved resource efficiency condenses scheduling and reduces costs
DevOps Methodology

We’d love to hear more about your project, so we can share details about how DevOps – or another leading development methodology – can get your project across the finish line. Connect with the Softrizon team to learn more!


Streamlining minimizes delivery times and costs

Lean is an Agile framework that is intensely focused on limiting complexity and managing process inputs to optimize efficiency and deliver products faster for a lower cost. Eliminating waste, optimizing the availability of necessary time and resources, and rallying the team to collaborate effectively creates a foundation for success.

The Softrizon team has a history of delivering exceptional products using Lean development. Lean’s benefits include:

  • Intense focus on process streamlining minimizes delivery time and cost
  • Customer feedback optimizes functionality and improves satisfaction
  • Early delivery can be followed by continuous improvements
  • Improved visibility and responsiveness throughout the development process
Lean Methodology

If inefficiency is crippling your project, Softrizon can help you. Our experience utilizing the Lean method is designed to maximize efficiency and remove common challenges that cause budgets and schedules to spiral out of control. Tell us more about your project, and we can discuss whether Lean is the best path to move forward.


A process of continuous improvement

The Prototyping methodology is simple to understand: project scope and requirements are assessed, a quick design is created, and then a prototype is designed, which is then subjected to continuous rounds of evaluation and refinement until the final stage is reached.

The Softrizon team is an experienced Prototyping developer with years of experience helping organizations realize the benefits of this effective process:

  • Active customer engagement creates very effective feedback and a better final product
  • Continuous improvement fixes any problems with functionality
  • Reduced process complexity streamlines the project
  • Prototypes offer a partial product very early in the development process
Prototyping Methodology

At Softrizon, we help organizations better understand their project goals and recommend development process solutions to meet them. If Prototyping is the right methodology for your project, we can make it happen for you – let’s discuss your needs and how Softrizon can get you from idea to implementation quickly and affordably.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Dramatically reduce development life cycles

XP is an Agile-derived methodology that uses short cycles and frequent releases to support a process that is flexible, collaborative, and responsive to customer feedback. The “extreme” part of the equation is the fact that XP takes typical practices and values from other methodologies and amplifies them to an extreme level. Accordingly, feedback and planning loops are spotlighted so that no factor is overlooked in the development process.

Softrizon understands XP, and we understand how to make it work for suitable projects. Benefits of using XP to power the development process include:

  • Process simplicity supports improved results in all phases
  • Communication between teams and with the customer allows rapid implementation of necessary changes
  • Smaller team size facilitates communication and efficiency
  • Supports frequent testing and higher satisfaction
Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology

Are collaboration and continuous development priorities for your project? XP might be the ideal methodology to deliver the best results. We’d love to talk about your project and share with you how Softrizon can make a qualitative difference for you using the XP methodology.

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

When speed is of the essence

RAD is a variation of Agile that emphasizes rapid iterations and prototype releases. A precisely-defined plan is set aside in favor of ongoing development and user feedback. The typical RAD process includes four phases: requirements definition, prototyping, feedback, and product finalization, although there is ample room for phases to double-back and allow further refinement.

At Softrizon, we are experienced in using RAD methodology to complete critical projects quickly and successfully. We can help you enjoy the benefits of a RAD-managed project:

  • Fast development means projects are more likely to be delivered on time
  • Engagement throughout the process improves satisfaction
  • Simplified budget management and lower cost
  • Same level of quality and sustained value as other methodologies
Rapid Application Development (RAD) Methodology

If your project is an internal business tool or a customer-facing portal, like an app or website, a RAD development technique is highly suitable and can help deliver a product with great performance and user experience. Want to learn more? Tell us about your project, and we’ll share with you details about whether RAD is the perfect match.


Proven approach that delivers consistency and satisfaction

Waterfall is a traditional development methodology with a long record for delivering high-performing products. Development is organized in a linear fashion, with a strict schedule of distinct stages. When a stage is completed, the next stage begins all the way through to delivery.

The Softrizon team is very experienced in using the Waterfall methodology to deliver exceptional software and application products. Benefits of this well-managed approach include:

  • Process simplicity supports improved results in all phases
  • Communication between teams and with the customer allows rapid implementation of necessary changes
  • Smaller team size facilitates communication and efficiency
  • Supports frequent testing and higher satisfaction
Waterfall Methodology

If your project demands a more traditional approach, our team can bring the proven capabilities of the Waterfall methodology and deliver the results you’re looking for. Tell us about yourself and your project requirements, and we can discuss if Waterfall is the perfect match.